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Corina, Maria Gabriela (AKA Lele), and Karina are three Venezuelan event planners, currently living in Miami, Florida. Friendship at first and business partnership many years later, it all started because of our love for party planning, pretty table decorations and entertaining in style.

We know that it takes a lot of time, $$$, creativity, and storage space to host even the smallest dinner party. Truth be told, we exchange glassware, dinner plates, flatware and other tableware between us all the time, and even though we don’t mind hunting down table decorations for endless hours and miles (guilty pleasure right there!) we felt the need to offer a “one-stop rental boutique” for a “A TABLE people will really LOVE”

At A Table To Love we have created four impeccably styled rental collections so you will only have to choose the tablescape design that you like the most, host a stunning event, skip the “do-the-dishes” part, and love us!


A Table to Love Our Event Planners 1

Corina Kassis

  • Dreamer – Passionate – Energetic.
  • Professional “to-do-lists” maker.
  • Logistics Guru.
  • E-commerce producer and buyer of our pretty table decorations.
  • Owner of a very yummy Mediterranean Catering Company.
  • Mom of Maya.
  • Loves: Tennis.
  • Biggest annoyance: a basket full of clothes to fold.
  • Guilty Pleasure: indulge on numerous spoons of Nutella.
A Table to Love Our Event Planners 2

Maria G. Davila (Lele)

  • Optimistic – Creative – Artistic
  • Big Story teller.
  • Social Media Queen.
  • Tablescape Design and Party Styling.
  • Architect / Owner of a super chic Furniture Store.
  • Mom of Adrian and Clara.
  • Loves: pretty gift wrapping.
  • Biggest Annoyance: trying to match-fold clean socks! (not liking to fold clothes is a thing around here). Oh! and loud chewers.
  • Guilty pleasure: Literally “Keeping up with the Kardashians”.
A Table to Love Our Event Planners 3

Karina Laricchia

  • Creative – Organized – Perfectionist
  • Lover of pretty things.
  • Creative Content Director.
  • Tablescape Design and Party Styling.
  • Architect / Certified Event planner.
  • Mom of Christian.
  • Loves: organizing by color and using the label maker for everything.
  • Biggest annoyance: eating and DRINKING out of foam “dinnerware”. Also, all cooking.
  • Guilty pleasure: collecting pretty paper napkins and all the “Shondaland” TV shows.

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Or if you want to get more info, please contact us, and one of our event planners will contact you ASAP