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Napkin folding ideas for fall

A Table to Love, Fall napkin folding ideas

Fall is here and if you are looking for napkin folding ideas for the season, you have come to the right place. There is no doubt that we love all-pumpkin-everything, and also that bats are our favorite character during Halloween. So, these two themes became our inspiration for this step by step guide of napkin folds for these holidays. 

The pumpkin

This napkin folding idea is perfect all throughout fall season, Thanksgiving dinners, and even Halloween.

A Table to Love, Fall napkin folding ideas, pumpkin fold step by step

You will need:

  • Square cloth napkins 16”x16” or 18”x18”
  • Napkin rings of about 1.5” thick (you can also substitute by cutting the end part of the paper towel tube)
  • Cinnamon sticks
  • Steam Iron – Honestly, ironing is not our favorite thing to do at all but this time you will need it 100%


Start with the napkin fully extended like a square. Fold the bottom corners up horizontally. Press.

Step 1, PumpkinSTEP 2…

Fold in half from right to left. Press.

Step 2, Pumpkin foldSTEP 3…

Rotate the napkin like a diamond with the open layers to the left. Bring the bottom corner to the center and do the same with the top corner. Press.

Step 3, Pumpkin


Flip the napkin and repeat Step 3. Press.

  Step 4, Pumpkin fold  Step 4, Pumpkin


Unfold the napkin and extend completely on the table. Place the napkin ring in the middle of the napkin and pull some fabric though the opening.

            Step 5, pumpkin fold

Step 5, Pumpkin


Bring each of the 4 corners in, one by one.

      Step 6, Pumpkin fold  Step 6, Pumpkin napkin folding ideas


Bring all new 4 corners in as well.
Step 7, pumpkin fold  Step 7, Pumpkin Fall napkin folding ideas


Flip the napkin down carefully and retouch the edges with your hands until it reaches the rounded shape of the pumpkin.

Step 8, Pumpkin foldStep 9…

Insert the cinnamon stick in the opening and place the “pumpkin” on top of a plate. Done!

A Table to Love, Fall napkin folding ideas, pumpkin made with napkinThe Bat

This napkin folding idea it is definitely perfect for Halloween.

A Table to Love, Fall napkin folding ideas, bats step by step guide


Start with the napkin completely extended like a diamond. Grab the top corner and fold down horizontally. Press.

Step 1, How to make a bat with a napkin


Bring the bottom corner up until you get a shape similar to an origami boat. Press.

Step 2, Fold a napkin into a bats


Trace an imaginary line from the top corner down and hold with a finger. To form the first “wing” bring the left tip up with your other hand. Press.

Step 3, bats for halloweenSTEP 4…

Keep holding down with a finger and with your opposite hand bring the right tip up to form the other “wing”. Press.

Step 4, Fall napkin folding ideas, decor for HalloweenSTEP 5…

Fold the top tip under. Press. And push the two “wings” towards the center, to lift the middle of the napkin to form the “body” of the Bats. And… done!

Step 6, Fall and Halloween napkin folding ideas, bats napkin

These fun napkin folding ideas for fall will make your tables look SPOOKtacular!. For more ideas on how to fold napkins visit our previous post.

We would love to see your tables and your folds! So, don’t forget to share your pictures with us. You can always tag us @atabletolove and/or use the hashtag #atabletolove.

Also, we know everybody gets super busy during the holidays, and we would love to help you with all your fall ideas and napkin folding, so, do not hesitate to contact us to rent your tables for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years.